和路雪So Good 轻优冰淇淋迎合这样的需求而诞生,在保留美味享受的同时,精选优质原料,打造更多益处、更少热量的新世代冰淇淋。

G Project 引力计划全力操刀策划的本次品牌升级:从核心消费群体的洞察出发,制定策略,通过包装和视觉升级、代言人营销、品牌跨界和全年分波段种草等操作,将品牌的利益点与消费者痛点完美结合,清晰、有态度地传递健康升级的概念,符合当下消费者对“有型”的追求,找到全新的品牌主张和沟通点。


在品牌和目标群体的沟通中,代言人是至关重要的桥梁。So Good轻优选择了新生代女星中极具代表性的欧阳娜娜,她以轻松自在的VLOG紧密贴合消费者的生活方式,展现出了率性而型、聪明而活的形象,而其自身健康、乐观、甜美的形象也与So Good轻优品牌高度契合。结合以上定位,G Project拍摄了代言人的全新海报和视频,并通过欧阳娜娜后续一系列的动作:直播,粉丝互动等形式引爆粉圈、辐射路人,将轻优的热度推到了最高点。

同时G Project策划并联合天猫,发布So Good轻优欧阳娜娜联名礼盒,包含低脂口味黑白豆乳等明星产品,签名照,更有欧阳娜娜亲笔书写的手帐,与粉丝沟通生活主张,撩动粉圈购买热情,完成从声量到销量的转化。

之后G Project还策划执行了后续一系列的平台种草,线上传播等动作,不断地塑造品牌形象,与核心消费群体产生了关联。相信在之后持续的品牌跨界和一系列丰富的营销玩法中,还会看到这款让人轻松得益、健康有型的冰淇淋,让你记住她,相信她。

Times are changing, and so are the gourmets. New generations are looking forward to living better and enjoying more.

In G Project’s understanding, for ice cream, MORE means tasty, healthy and in great shape.

So Good ice cream, from Wall’s, is born to meet new needs of Z generation.

Preserving the delicious enjoyment, it contains quality ingredients giving customers more benefits and less calories.

From the perspective of the core consumer insights, G Project has developed strategies to coordinate  brands’ edges with consumers’ concern through package and visual upgrading, marketing through celebrity, collaboration with other brands and year-round seeding on different social platforms, so as to clearly convey the concept of health with an attitude and keep in line with the current pursuit of SHAPE.

Through investigation, we have unfolded the main TA groups: the vigorous girls (20-25 years old), the self-discipline ladies (26-35 years old). Studying the two groups, we‘ve found their common concerns: how to enjoy delicacy with no burden. Based on this, we’ve set the annual theme: Good Taste & Good Shape.

A matching celebrity could bridge the brand and TA. Ouyang Nana, a young musician and actress of great talent, she is admired by our TA  and highly compatible with So Good.According to this, G Project has created a serials of key visual, commercials with her portrait, including vlogs of her.

On Tmall, G Project has released limited gift box with new product and signature photos.

What’s more, G Project constantly shaping the brand image by online social topics and other actions for customer to remember and believe So Good.